Canyonlands National Park
Jonathon Hogue

MOAB — Crews on Friday found the body of a hiker who had gone missing at Canyonlands National Park earlier this week.

The search for Jonathon Hogue, 33, of Iowa, began on Tuesday.

Canyonlands National Park officials asked anyone who had been in the area of the Green River Overlook at Island in the Sky between Sunday and Thursday to contact them.

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His body was found at the base of the overlook. Authorities believe he fell about 500 feet to his death, the San Juan County Sheriff's Office said.

According to park officials, Hogue was "a hiker and backpacker who is known to hike long distances, including off trail and scrambling. His dream was to be a park ranger. He is a Ph.D. student and hobbies include drawing and painting."

Officials from the University of Iowa, where he attended school, offered support on Twitter to students as needed in light of his death. He was a graduate teaching assistant, officials said.