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"Model Mormon: Fighting for Self-Worth on the Runway and as an Independent Woman" is by Rosemary Card.

"MODEL MORMON: Fighting for Self-Worth on the Runway and as an Independent Woman," by Rosemary Card, Cedar Fort, $12.99, 160 pages (nf)

Rosemary Card had a not-so-fabulous beginning as an awkward student who was sometimes bullied and belittled for her looks. When she was 16, those same looks got her a contract with a New York modeling agency and began a two-year road that would lead to excitement, but also tests of faith and eye-opening conflict, she shares in "Model Mormon: Fighting for Self-Worth on the Runway and as an Independent Woman."

Card describes being a runway and print model as fantastic and fast-paced, full of glamour and excitement, but also rife with potentially compromising situations. She began her career with a strict set of rules outlining the types of work she would accept, which her agency respected.

But over time, Card felt immense pressure to do things she wasn't comfortable with. In each of those situations, she found the strength to stick to what she believed was right. She found that too many women believe they have to say yes to things that are degrading and humiliating, and too few know the true beauty that is within them.

Later, after leaving the modeling industry, and after serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she felt prompted to quit her full-time job and start a business. Though she knew virtually nothing about manufacturing, she invested countless hours and $5,000 in an online temple dress store, which has flourished in ways she couldn't have imagined, including a physical storefront in the Millcreek area.

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"Model Mormon" is a great book for women who need a reminder that success is found through acting on a prompting. It's easy to see Card's personality and laugh-out-loud sense of humor throughout, making this an interesting and fun read for all ages.

"Model Mormon" has no swearing and general references to sex and drugs in the book. Card is the founder and CEO of Q.Noor. She lives in Salt Lake City and has spent the last decade as a public speaker and advocate of women's rights. This is her first published book.