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Cedar Fort
"I Still Want to Be an Astronaut: Living Your Dream When You Dream Too Much" is by James Perry

"I STILL WANT TO BE AN ASTRONAUT: Living Your Dream When You Dream Too Much," by James Perry, Cedar Fort, $14.99, 192 pages (nf)

Being weird, stupid and dumb are unusual goals, but they are what James Perry aspires to be. In "I Still Want to Be an Astronaut," he explains why. Weird, stupid and dumb are the three legs of Perry's Confidence Triangle, the key to finding one's purpose and building a happy life.

Weirdness is genuine. Stupidity equals bravery, and being dumb is humbling. Being your best, unique self, taking chances and recognizing your weaknesses, all together, writes Perry, builds confidence.

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James Perry is the author of "I Still Want to Be an Astronaut: Living Your Dream When You Dream Too Much."

Goofy? Yes. Perry's book is quirky and silly, but his lighthearted tone keeps the book from taking itself too seriously, a common flaw of self-help literature. A mishmash of quotes, metaphors, jokes and stories from Perry's life, "I Still Want to Be an Astronaut" narrowly escapes haphazard and instead feels spontaneous and engaging. It's a self-help book only a comedian could have written, and it works.

Divine Comedy and "Studio C" fans will come for the behind-the-scenes experience, and they will not be disappointed. Perry liberally sprinkles the book with stories about his fellow cast members, especially Matt Meese, and his adventures with the two shows. Despite his confessed ADHD, however, Perry stays focused on his message, giving the stories just enough space to enhance the book.

Perry may be inexperienced at writing books, but he has been honing his entertainment skills for years, and it shows. "I Still Want to Be an Astronaut" is carefully balanced, thoughtful and truly fun.

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"I Still Want to Be an Astronaut" contains one mild sexual innuendo but no profanity, violence, or sexual content. It will be most relevant to readers 12 years and older.

Perry is a Brigham Young University alumnus and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After performing in the BYU sketch comedy club Divine Comedy during college, he joined BYUtv's show "Studio C" as an actor and a writer. Perry and his wife, Brenna, are the parents of one daughter, June. This is his first book.