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Having had students at UVU for eight years, I've watched the housing situation in Provo and Orem become more predatory every year.

With my incoming freshman looking for housing this year, I learned that apartment complexes are now requiring students to sign full-year leases for student housing at the academic-year rate, not even discounting the summer months.

A majority of students at BYU and UVU go home for the summer, often in order to work to help pay for the upcoming school year. It's simply out-of-control greed to require students to lease beyond the academic year.

When my daughter filled out the online rent application last week, they passed on to her the fee for using a debit or credit card to apply. Will they also charge a fee for automatic withdrawal of rent?

I've never once in eight years seen a "refundable" deposit fully returned no matter how thoroughly the apartment was cleaned or how respectfully the property was treated. Another of my children was charged a carpet cleaning fee for his apartment with laminate floors. He contested and the money was refunded, but complexes charge for "services" all the time that aren't so easily identified as bogus.

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How about parking passes? At the apartment where another one of my children rented this year, there was an annual fee of $75 to park at the complex. Starting next year, they will be charging $75 per month.

Someone needs to do something about the unethical and harsh rent practices that have developed in Utah County. Complexes that wouldn't thrive, and in fact wouldn't even be built if Provo and Orem weren't college towns, are preying on the population that provides their living.

Somehow UVU and BYU need to advocate for their students, and parents need to speak up and say, "Enough."

Lori Weintz

West Jordan