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I am a student at Skyline High School. Our school is well-known for academics. We have many AP classes and hard-working students. As you can probably imagine, there are expectations and pressures to achieve good grades, have a well-balanced social life and participate in clubs or sports.

I used to be in the IB program (an international program that will get you many college credits and head start your future). From the outside, this program can look (and is) very useful and a great opportunity. However, it isn't easy. There are many internal assessments, projects, tests, requirements and hours of homework each night. With so many pressures, students try to escape.

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Vaping has become a huge issue with many students. There are multiple "dealers" who will even discuss payment and pick up in class. I asked one of the dealers why he did it. He said that if he didn't vape, the pressures would kill him. Vaping is so easily accessible in schools and to students. There are many ways for dealers to access and sell these to anyone willing to buy. It isn't just IB or AP students, however. I know all sorts of students in all class levels that vape for fun or to escape daily stresses.

Many people think vaping is healthy, not addictive, and can't harm you. These students often do not understand the harmful effects it can have on the body and those that do, don’t care.

Sidney Harrison