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Lisa Benson

This week's top stories surrounded the Ethiopian Airlines crash, college admissions scandal and the vote to block Trump's emergency declaration.

An Ethopian Airlines flight crashed Sunday just outside Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people onboard, including the crew. The jet, a Boeing 737 Max 8, was the same model as a previously crashed plane.

Drew Sheneman

Worries about a bug in the plane's system caused many countries and airlines to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 jets until any issues could be determined.

Scott Stantis

News broke this week of the FBI indicting 50 people, including actress Lori Loughlin, for participating in a massive college admissions fraud scandal.

Chan Lowe

The plot allegedly involved cheating on SAT scores, having children pose as athletes and using bribes to get children of wealthy parents into prestigious universities.

Dana Summers
Walt Handelsman

The story has brought up questions and issues about the privilege given to children of wealthy parents.

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Many have used it as evidence that working and studying hard doesn't always mean you'll be given a fair chance, perpetuating wealthy privilege and poverty.

Phil Hands
Lisa Benson
Bill Bramhall

The Senate voted Thursday to block Trump's emergency declaration. Twelve Republican senators, including both of Utah's senators, sided with Democrats for the vote.

Walt Handelsman

Facebook announced it would be moving toward a more privacy-focused platform in the future. Mark Zuckerberg said he believes this is the future of the platform, but some say this is a response to criticism of Facebook's previous issues with Russian hacks.

Scott Stantis