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Now is the time to protect the international affairs budget.

The Trump administration has proposed cutting the international affairs budget by about 30 percent. Though the international affairs budget focuses on foreign aid, it also strengthens the economy in America. One example of this is that nearly half of American exports go overseas and roughly 20 percent of jobs are export-based, according to the Borgen Project’s website.

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On a local level, this means the international affairs budget contributes to creating trade jobs and selling Utah foods to foreign countries. According to the state facts on the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition website, in 2016 there were 352,900 jobs in Utah that were supported by trade. In 2017, $11.6 billion worth of goods were exported to foreign countries like United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Canada.

The International Affairs budget provides great economic strength both in Utah and throughout the country. In order for this support to continue the budget needs to be protected and that protection comes from Congress representatives.

Olivia Causse