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A look at the new "Fortnite" map for season 8

SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite” released its newest batch of challenges for season 8, and most of the challenges are run-of-the-mill tasks for seasoned gamers.

But one of the tasks asks you to search under the magnifying glass on the treasure map loading screen, which might take a little more guidance.

Flashback: Back in season 6, “Fortnite” had challenges where you would have to find a treasure map to help you locate battle stars.

Now: With this challenge, you will receive the treasure map as a loading screen once you hit tier 10 for the battle pass.

  • Based on the map, you’ll want to search in the winter part of the map in the southwest corner. You’ll specifically be looking through a bundle of trees.
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  • “Very straightforward. We're going right to the southwest of Polar Peak, where you can easily see a ring of trees from the map or the air,” according to Forbes.
  • When you arrive at the spot, you’ll notice a pedestal with a batch of frozen characters on top. The battle star will be right there for you to snag up.
  • The frozen characters are actually the same ones sold in the "Frozen Legends" pack, which "Fortnite" sold in its item shop during season 7.

Treasure map: This challenge is slightly different than using the treasure map loot item to find buried, well, treasure. “Fortnite” added new treasure maps that allow gamers to find loot chests full of all legendary items, which are among the best in the game.