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“Fortnite” launched its eighth season recently. This photo shows the new volcano location in the game.

SALT LAKE CITY — You’ll want to head to the jungle to find the hidden battle star for the third week of “Fortnite” season 8.

“Fortnite” is a battle royale video game that releases weekly challenges for gamers. Once gamers complete each week of challenges, they will receive a loading screen for the game that hints at where people can find hidden battle stars to help them upgrade their battle pass tiers, which unlock more rewards in the game.

Hidden star: For week 3, the loading screen shows what appears to be a character running through a tomb, almost like a scene from “Tomb Raider,” according to Polygon.

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  • You’ll see a small image on the wall that shows a hidden tomb. You can find that hidden tomb, and battle star, over in the forest location south of Sunny Steps.
  • “This may look like it’s pointing to the middle of the jungle, but once you get there you’ll find a hidden tomb that isn’t visible on the map. Inside this tomb is this week’s hidden battle pass star,” according to Polygon.

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