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Letter to the editor

On Sen. Mike Lee’s website, he states:

“The authors of the Constitution intended Congress to be first among the federal government’s three co-equal branches. Endowed with the power to legislate, tax, spend and oversee the weaker Executive and Judicial branches — while simultaneously held to tighter public accountability — Congress was meant to be the driving force in federal policymaking.”

With the pending Senate vote on disapproval of President Trump’s emergency declaration on his border wall, Sen. Lee’s vote will be telling. Will he adhere to his “Article I Project” principles as stated on his website and uphold Constitutional principles, or will he sell out to political partisanship?

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I recognize that Sen. Lee posted these claimed principles in 2016, intending to constrain President Obama, but we will soon see if Lee holds President Trump to the same standard of these Constitutional principles, or if he sells out those principles for a wall that has never been demonstrated as empirically necessary or fiscally responsible, merely to appease the whims of President Trump.

As a former Utahn, I will be interested to see Sen. Lee’s vote, on both the disapproval resolution and on the veto override. If he votes against his own Constitutional principles, I would hope that in 2022, voters show him the door as someone who pronounces lofty principles but then acts otherwise. How can such a politician be trusted?

The eyes of Utah and the nation are on you, senator. Do the right thing.

Russell Clark

Arlington, Virginia