Disney and Lucasfilm
This rendering released by Disney and Lucasfilm shows people on the planned Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction, part of "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge." The 14-acre area is set to open this summer at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, then in the fall at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

SALT LAKE CITY — Roger Niles made the case in the Orange County Register that Disneyland isn’t making a mistake by opening the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” in phases.

Earlier this month, Disney announced that “Galaxy’s Edge” — it’s “Star Wars”-themed land — would open in two phases, according to my report for the Deseret News. The first phase will include the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride, in which guests can take control of the iconic “Star Wars” ship.

The second phases will open later this year and will include the Rise of the Resistance ride, which gives guests a chance to take part in a battle between the First Order and the Resistance from the new “Star Wars” trilogy.

Niles wrote opening the park in two phases allows for better crowd control and makes a better experience for the guests.

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  • “By opening an incomplete land, Disneyland might entice some fans … to postpone their visits until Rise of the Resistance opens, making the park’s crowds more manageable for the new land’s first few weeks … or months,” he wrote.
  • “Remember that Disney’s goal is to fill its parks every day, but not to overfill them. The last thing it wants to do is to turn away paying customers.”
  • “Disneyland doesn’t need helicopter images of tens of thousands of fans spilling onto Anaheim streets to illustrate the resort’s popularity. When people finally get to experience Galaxy’s Edge, they should remember it for its attractions — and not for a soul-draining, hours-long wait to get in.”

"Galaxy's Edge" park will open its first phase at Disneyland on May 31 and at Walt Disney World on Aug. 29.