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BERNARDO DA SILVA: At 6-9, 205 pounds and an eye-popping 7-2- wingspan, senior Bernardo da Silva is the versatile big man who can rise to defend the rim, grab the rebound, lead the fast break and dunk at the other end. As a fiery, competitive and dominant power forward, he is an absolute beast on the blocks and has the ability to take the game over at any moment with essentially every midrange shot in his arsenal.

LEONARDO COLIMERIO: At 6-6, 185 pounds, junior guard Leonardo Colimerio is a dual threat to score and distribute as he floats through the lane. He is a lethal player who attacks the rim with the same tenacity and ferocity that he approaches defense. With his amazing court vision and strong passing, it gives him just enough room to work his flying magic while his up-tempo style unleashes Tigers’ fury.

TRISTAN ENARUNA: Senior Tristan Enaruna is a walking bucket from anywhere on the hardwood. As an uber-versatile wing, his work rate on both ends of the floor is second to none. With a wingspan of 7-0 and a sizable weight of 198 pounds to go with his 6-10 frame, he is one of very few players in high school who can legitimately guard all five positions for extended stretches.

JONAS EVANS: At just 6-6, 185 pounds, center Jonas Evans has a knack for pulling down a record number of basketballs from the backboard with his fierce defensive and rebounding abilities. A nice guy when it matters and a thumper when necessary, Jonas is scrappy and hard-nosed who thrives in clutch situations. He’s the definition of ultimate teammate and hard work aggressiveness

COLE JESSEE: At 6-1, 190 pounds, sophomore guard Cole Jessee brings a wide frame and a penchant for hard contact, creating chaos for any opponent. Armed with the gifts to put up points in a hurry, including his trademark silky-smooth lefty jumper, he constantly proves to be a selfless, tireless player on both sides of the floor. The kind of guy who gives it all on offense, defense and everything else in between.

JAXON KOHLER: At 6-8, 195 pounds, Jaxon Kohler was ranked top freshman at the National Under Armour combine this year. His dominant post presence and graceful footwork will be a challenge for any opponent. Loaded with multiple DI offers prior to starting his high school career, Jaxon will be one to watch as he won’t disappoint on the hardwood.

MICHEL LOFTIN: At 5-10, 135 pounds, sophomore guard Michel Loftin proves that little guys can throw down with his fearsome style of play. An excellent scorer and distributor, he is a crafty ballhandler with crazy unorthodox passes that throw opponents off their game. Deceivingly quick, Michel can tear down the court, often leaving defenders in the rearview mirror.

CALEB LOHNER: At 6-8, 220 pounds, junior guard-forward Caleb Lohner is a mismatch nightmare for players. He’s a versatile, super-skilled, and athletic big with a motor who can score from deep and attack the rim. Known for his sharpshooting ability and knack for getting to the basket, he’s a multi-positional defender that makes 3s and distributes the ball with an efficiency that should make stat-heads swoon. With a game that is surprisingly refined, Caleb has a ridiculously high work ethic that is infectious both during practice and on game day.

MIKE SAUNDERS: At 6-1, 175 pounds, junior guard Mike Saunders is fearless and quicker than lightning. He’s a true commander of the game that gets his team involved by dropping dimes all over the floor. A tenacious defender, Mike is also great in transition as a playmaker and facilitator. Currently entertaining 14 Division I college offers, it’s anybody’s guess where he will land with his elite speed and sensational leaping ability.

RICHIE SAUNDERS: At 6-5, 195 pounds, junior guard Richie Saunders is one of the most feared jump shooters in Wasatch Academy's 107-year basketball history. He has ice in his veins and can light up the scoreboard in a matter of minutes with his 3-point barrages. Named 6A First Team All-State last year, Richie is probably the last player the opposing team wants to have the ball at the end of a game, no matter how far he is from the hoop.

MADY SISSOKO: With the 7-4 wingspan of a prehistoric bird, junior Mady Sissoko is an athletic 6-10, 215-pound beast on the court. His sheer size and strength overwhelm opponents, but he also has a deft touch around the rim paired with explosive leaping and& mighty dunks. Recognized in both the Nike Top 100 Elite and 2020 ESPN 60 for this year, Mady is a proven enforcer in the paint with his tough, physical brand of basketball.

PRESTON SQUIRE: At 6-8, 188 pounds, sophomore forward Preston Squire has the ability to spread the floor and attack from the high post. He brings up the tempo in order to get open shots from 3 and create more lanes for players to slash through. It is Preston’s ability to create spacing on the floor that lets his teammates thrive around him.

FOUSSEYNI TRAORÉ: At 6-7, 224 pounds, sophomore forward Fousseyni Traoré, aka Fo͞os, is a secret beast on the boards and an old school big. Classic basketball, Foos gets it done. He has the perfect blend of size and finesse to embarrass players attempting and failing to guard him in the low post. Downright sneaky, especially around the rim, Foos has a knack for bullying opponents in the paint and gaining an advantage on the boards.

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MARVIN “TRE” WILLIAMS III: At 6-5, 190 pounds, senior guard Marvin “Tre” Williams III is a scoring machine with nuclear athleticism along with incredible footwork and skill. Our top isolation scorer and long-range threat, "Tre’s" uncanny shot-making and driving ability is fueled by fearlessness. When he's not attacking left and right on defense, "Tre" combines his deft ballhandling with crafty moves to get by defenders and slice his way to the rim.

Note: Descriptions made by coach Dave Evans and staff