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Letter to the editor

I could only shake my head when I read it. Evidently, the burden of daylight saving time is among the bigger complaints registered with our elected state officials. Folks would rather Utah just stay on Mountain Standard Time. Evidently the physical, mental and emotional burden of changing one’s clocks forward and back one hour is just too much.

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Do these people ever drive or fly anywhere? Is Disneyland a deal breaker because they would have to cross a time zone? Imagine the horror of traveling to New York or the Caribbean where multiple time zones are involved.

The last thing that I want is for Utah to stay all year-round on Mountain Standard Time. Nothing like on June 24, having the sun rise at 4:58 a.m. and set at 8:02 p.m. Everyone knows that the best use of sunlight is at 5 a.m. (note sarcasm).

It would seem that we have become a people with no resilience who are crushed by the smallest inconvenience. Heaven forbid that a truly catastrophic event occur. We would just melt into a puddle.

Scott Clegg