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Jordan Strauss, Invision
In this June 28, 2017, file photo, Stan Lee arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

SALT LAKE CITY — Last week, we told you about how the Stan Lee tribute in “Captain Marvel” made the directors and cast cry.

Now we know exactly what that tribute looks like.

Warning: “Captain Marvel” spoilers ahead.

The tribute: As “Captain Marvel” begins, viewers see the familiar opening credit scrawl with the Marvel Studios logo and superhero montage.

  • Instead of images of MCU superheroes such as Iron Man or Thor flashing in the logo, however, we see images of Lee from his lifetime career as a writer, producer and publisher of Marvel comics.
  • Following the scrawl are the words “Thank you Stan.”

Lee passed away in November at the age of 95, according to ComicBook.com. "Captain Marvel" is the first live-action film Lee has been in since his death.

Lee’s cameo: Marvel also paid homage to Lee with his cameo for the film. As Starforce member Vers (Brie Larson) walks down the aisle of a train, she suspiciously eyes passengers to see if they’re members of the shapeshifting Skrull.

  • Lee is seen as a train passenger practicing his lines for “Mallrat,” a 1995 film that Lee also had a cameo in.
  • In the film, Vers’ eyes linger on Lee and she smiles to herself before moving on through the train.
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According to film directors, that scene was initially meant to be funny, but with Lee’s passing, it was changed to reflect the “gravitas” of the situation, according to Mashable.

Director Anna Boden told Mashable, "Instead of just the pure laugh we had, we had a little bit of a smile from Captain Marvel in response to it, and she kind of breaks character for a moment ... I think it reflects a little bit of what the audience is feeling, and we allowed that to happen."

Lee will once again have a cameo in the upcoming “Avengers: Endgame” on April 26.