Screenshot, Fortnite
On the second day of “Fortnite,” Epic Games gave to us … four candy canes across the map.

SALT LAKE CITY — Could planes soon return to “Fortnite”?

What happened: A batch of leaked sound files hints that “Fortnite” could be bringing its controversial X-4 Stormwing back into the game, according to Fortnite Intel.

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  • “Fortnite” eliminated the plane from the game at the beginning of season 8, which started two weeks ago. The planes were added to “Fortnite” in season 7, though were eliminated after fans complained that they provided too many advantages for players, according to Forbes.
  • The plane was a controversial vehicle because of “its ability to traverse the map in moments, spirit players away from safety and rain death down on players and structures alike,” Forbes reported. “People have been able to camp in them to avoid combat until the final moments of a match, people have been able to load them up with teammates and snipe from the air: all sorts of things.”
  • Reddit user kspaar posted in the r/FortniteLeaks subreddit that sound files within the game include the “fuel warning” sound, which would happen when the X-4 planes ran out of fuel.
  • Others within the Reddit post suggested the planes could return in a limited time mode, which appears almost every week “Fortnite” gets an update.

So will it return?: “‘Fortnite’ has shown a tendency to bring back older items in the past so it shouldn’t be all that surprising to see something like this,” according to Fortnite Intel. “However, it can be argued there hasn’t been something as divisive as the plane has been in ‘Fortnite.’”