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A look at the new "Fortnite" map for season eight.

SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite” released its second week of challenges for season 8 Thursday, and one of them has three parts that will take some extra time to complete.

Apples: Finishing the apple goal requires gamers to gain 25 health points from eating apples. Each apple is worth five points of health, so you’ll need to eat five to reach the 25-point goal. You can find apples underneath trees and near bushy areas. Visit this IGN map to see all apple locations.

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Campfires: You can find campfires all over the map. Sometimes you can pick up campfires as floor loot. The challenges ask gamers to gain 50 points of health, so you can probably complete it with just one campfire visit. You can visit this IGN map to see where all the campfire locations are on the map.

Med kits: This is the easiest of the bunch. You can find a med kit in almost any chest that you open. Consume the med kit once you have significant damage and you should complete the challenge rather easily.