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Back in the beginning, the company that has become EnergySolutions agreed to accept only class A radioactive waste — eschewing the capability to accept the hotter class B and C waste. Our government granted their license under that condition.

Now suddenly EnergySolutions and our Legislature feel it is OK to accept these hotter classifications as well as the insidious enriched uranium. Has something changed?

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Yes. The Legislature has seen the light. Despite the overwhelming desire of the citizens to refuse to accept this waste, the Legislature approved legislation, HB220, to allow EnergySolutions to accept the hotter B and C waste as well as the looming monstrosity of depleted uranium, which becomes hotter and hotter over time, exceeding even class C waste.

The Legislature is attempting to hang a radioactive albatross around the necks of future generations of Utahns who never had the chance to voice their opposition.

Please Gov. Herbert, I beg you to prevent this catastrophe which benefits no common folk in Utah. Veto HB220.

Robert Jacobs

Cottonwood Heights