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In this June 21, 2017 file photo, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the special counsel probing Russian interference in the 2016 election, departs Capitol Hill following a closed door meeting in Washington.

The Congressional Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are giving away the 2020 election right before our eyes. President Donald Trump is highly vulnerable because of his personality and questionable stands on some issues. However, the Democrats are spending all of their time investigating him with the apparent goal of impeachment.

My column this week may sound very pro-Trump to some, but what I’m saying here is what Sen. Harry Reid and other leading Democrats have been saying recently.

What is unfolding is the re-election of Donald Trump to another four-year term.

Last week Chairman Jerrold Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee issued more than 80 subpoenas to the president, his Cabinet officers and his family. In 1972, I was a young Foreign Service Officer in the State Department and our office was on the receiving end of subpoenas concerning the War Powers Act. The real purpose of these subpoenas was to paralyze the State Department and the Defense Department in pursuing the Vietnam War. It turned out that they were mostly procedural and had very little to do with the substance of the issue at the time. Those subpoenas completely paralyzed our office. In careful compliance we all dug and dug for memos and papers. They had to be meticulously redacted to protect innocent individuals whose names were mentioned by chance. It took days of grudgingly hard work, and failure to fully comply could have resulted in being held in personal contempt of Congress.

Most citizens are not yet aware of the onerous job Congress has dumped on the administration. The American people have been hearing about the Mueller investigation for two years, but now the general insider’s consensus may well be favorable to President Trump. Even the House Democrats admit that so far, they have come up with no impeachable offense.

I would predict that as this year progresses, our citizens will increasingly feel that we should give President Trump a chance to do his job and not have his department spend all their time answering fishing expedition inquiries. We are talking about large truckloads of papers that each department has to produce. The subpoenas seem to have almost nothing to do with current issues such as the deficit reduction, immigration policies, tax reforms or important issues that Congress should be considering.

The Trump administration is likewise being paralyzed by these harassing subpoenas — and the public is beginning to be aware of it. As the spring and summer progress it will be more and more apparent that critical public decisions are not getting done in either the U.S. House or the White House. The Democrats are overplaying their hand.

There is a strong feeling emerging here in Washington and across the country. We should find a way to prosecute our presidents after they leave office and give them a chance to do their job while in office.

I think in 2020 we will see a phenomenon of Trump skeptics re-electing him on issues because there is a sympathy swinging to Trump. Some investigations are fine, but this is excessive.

The tone of the Democrats running for president all seem to be based on hatred for Trump, but there are some excellent issues I would love to see these Democratic candidates discuss. For example, when President Trump announced his decision to remove troops from Syria, not a single candidate issued a statement, agreeing or disagreeing. None of them issued statements on deficit reductions, such as the unwise Trump tax bill. None of the numerous Democratic presidential candidates seem willing to address specific issues facing our country. Underemployment and low wages are another example. Alternative asylum policies and immigration reforms should be discussed by the candidates if they do not agree with President Trump.

My basic point is that Donald Trump could be beaten on issues. He will not be impeached because there is no impeachable offense and it’s too late to get it done before the next election.

Also, Trump will likely benefit from the bias in our national press reporting. I have expressed great disappointment in President Trump, but many national media outlets have really gone overboard in not giving Trump credit for several bipartisan matters that he has worked out. The First Step Act, which is a compassionate reduction on crime sentencing, is a primary example. It is a great accomplishment and Trump should be given credit.

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Now the Democrats have announced that they will not allow their presidential candidates’ debate to be aired on Fox News. That is a great mistake. The American people will sense that Fox News, the only somewhat supportive channel of Trump, is being penalized.

The national Democrats need to start talking about issues and solutions rather than trying to impeach and harass President Trump. Our nation needs Congress to hold hearings on critical issues. We need to have a presidential campaign of issues.