There’s some speculation that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report could drop on March 26.

SALT LAKE CITY — There’s some speculation that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report could drop on March 26.

Barnes & Noble has a new book called “The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion” available on its website.

Mueller is listed as the book’s author. Alan Dershowitz is reportedly writing an introduction for the book. Mueller’s author page for Barnes and Noble lists “2012 The FBI Story” as the only other book available.

The paperback book will cost $9.40. The Nook version will reportedly cost $7.99.

The book is available for preorder from Skyhorse and will be available on March 26, 2019, according to the website.

And there's a separate book called “The Mueller Report” available on Amazon from The Washington Post and the publisher Scribner (no relation to this reporter). That book is also set to release on March 26. According to Money magazine, that book is already the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon’s political corruption and misconduct category.

So did Amazon and Barnes and Noble leak the date? According to The New York Times, no. The release date of the Mueller report remains unclear. Publishers aren’t sure about the release date either. They've listed a placeholder for now.

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Nick Magliato, a project editor for Skyhorse, told the New York Times that the book's release date is “fluid.” He said the company intends to add a note that says the listed date is just a placeholder, according to The New York Times.

Magliato said the confidential parts of the report won’t be published.

Meanwhile, a separate book called “The Mueller Report” is available on Barnes & Noble. This tongue-in-cheek take — the full title is “The Mueller Report: The Leaked Investigation into President Donald Trump and His Inner Circle of Con Men, Circus Clowns, and Children He Named After Himself” — is written by Jason O. Gilbert.