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“Fortnite” released its latest batch of challenges for season eight. This photo shows the Lazy Lagoon location.

SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite” released its latest batch of challenges for the eighth season, and one of them is a little more challenging than casual gamers would enjoy.

“Fortnite” is a free-to-play battle royale game that allows gamers to earn new rewards every week through a group of challenges. The game releases weekly challenges for the entirety of a single season, which lasts for about 90 days.

Last week, “Fortnite” released challenges that aligned with the current season’s theme, including visiting pirate camps.

This week: One of the challenges requires you to do something a little different with pirate gear. You’ll have to issue 100 damage using a pirate cannon. This is easily the hardest challenge of the week.

Pro tip: But Dave Thier of Forbeshas a tip for anyone trying to complete the tactic easily. He advises gamers to play the Team Rumble mode, which pits 40 players against each other in a 20v20 battle where your goal is to rack up as many eliminations as possible.

Where: You can find cannons at various points throughout the map, including to the north of Lazy Lagoon, just around the lava at the volcano, and just southwest of Pleasant Park. You can view a map of all the locations here.

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Easy way: Thier recommends visiting those locations early in the game, grabbing one of the cannons, and waiting for opponents to appear. When they do, start firing.

  • “Just pick a pod of combatants and let loose. Remember, most importantly, that walls and forts don't matter: the cannonball will clean right through them. So just go for it, and hopefully, somebody will be in the way,” he wrote.

Note: The cannonball will issue 50 damage from a faraway strike. It will issue 100 if you hit someone directly.