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I don't understand the purpose for a hate crimes bill. We cannot not legislate behavior.

We have a speed limit of 70 mph, but if your going to obey that, you must be in the right-hand lane because people travel at 80 or 85. We cannot get people to put a dog down after a viscous attack on a young boy that resulted in the loss of his hand.

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Why does anyone think that just because there is a hate crimes bill that anyone will not commit a crime? Our society is become a "society without civilization." Very few people really care about other people instead of themselves. And now, animals are being better cared for than people.

Legislation will never change behavior. Stop wasting our tax money on useless legislation. People need to want to obey laws and people need to change their own hearts from hatred to love for others. Then, and only then, will we see laws being obeyed.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake