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Letter to the editor

Utah is in the midst of a suicide epidemic, yet the House leadership and Rules Committee are dragging their feet in letting HB209 out of Rules so the evidence-based extreme risk protective order can be considered by legislators.

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Across the country, in the 13 states where extreme risk protective orders have been put into law, there has been a significant reduction in firearm-related suicide deaths. Lives are being saved and families are being spared agony by this legislation. It’s time for Utah’s families to reap those same benefits.

Consider the facts: Utah’s suicide deaths outnumber homicide deaths by a staggering rate of 8-1, and nearly half of those suicides are committed with a firearm. This is preventable. Having the capability to temporarily put space between a person in crisis and his or her firearm makes sense.

Utah lives matter. All lives matter. Put pressure on the House leadership and Rules Committee to get HB209 out of Rules and into the hands of legislators.

Marisa Wall