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A look at a possible new character for "Apex Legends."

SALT LAKE CITY — “Apex Legends” might be getting its battle pass sooner rather than later.

  • A new report from Daily Esports suggests that the Electronic Arts battle royale game will receive a battle pass beginning March 12.
  • Like “Fortnite,” a battle pass will give gamers access fo new reward items, weapons and characters to use in the game.
  • Back at the game’s announcement in February, The Verge reported that EA plans to make money from the game through subscription passes (a battle pass), similar to “Fortnite.”
  • According to Forbes, the battle pass will likely drop this month: “When it does, it's still a bit unclear what exactly it will entail. We assume, on a basic level, that we're going to get some sort of purchasable pass that you can level up to unlock more premium items, either by standard play or possibly by completing specific challenges. The roadmap confirms that we'll be getting new legends, new weapons and new loot along with the first battle pass.”
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New character: The talk of a battle pass arriving soon also kicked up rumors about a new potential character for the game called “Octane.”

  • Reddit users shared photos of the character — apparently found through a data mine of “Apex Legends” files — on the social media platform. A source told Daily Esports that the reveal is legitimate.
  • Previous leaks of Octane exist, too. It’s believed the character will be the promotional character for the battle pass subscription. Daily Esports cannot confirm the rumor.