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“Fortnite” launched its eighth season on Thursday morning. This photo shows the new volcano location in the game.

SALT LAKE CITY — There might be a “Fortnite” version of the Xbox One on the way.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft may soon release a new “Fortnite”-based version of the Xbox, which would come decorated with a custom design related to the battle royale game.

However, it’s unclear if the new device will be an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X.

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Windows Central reports Microsoft might be releasing a discless Xbox One, which would rely on gamers downloading games directly to their console instead of using hard discs.

It’s possible the “Fortnite” console could be one of the discless ones, too.

Similar: “Fortnite” and Microsoft teamed up already for the Xbox One S bundle, which was basically an Xbox One S system with some extra “Fortnite” content, according to

However: Neither PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One have added a themed console centered around “Fortnite.”