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Letter to the editor

Our lawmakers are busy making more laws. It is mind-boggling to consider the hundreds and thousands of laws that are established to govern people, with more coming. This seems to be a “report card” of society, since laws are enacted to govern people who seem not to govern themselves.

I trust that our legislators are wise enough to appreciate that laws must support the Constitution, must be enforceable and must be fiscally sound. It is not possible to legislate morals or beliefs. Only behaviors can be regulated according to laws. Therefore, penalties must reflect behaviors.

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“Crime is crime” is right on. It gets messy when lawmakers mix intent, attitudes and motives with criminal behaviors (like the hate-crime issue). It is appalling that some criminal behaviors (like serious abuse) do not carry stronger penalties. For this reason, I support the death penalty for specific heinous crimes.

To the lawmakers, thanks for your service to mankind, but please focus on laws that connect strong penalties to criminal behaviors. It is the lawmakers who should have the morals, sound beliefs and the wisdom to do their jobs.

Elmary Davidson