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Letter to the editor

What happened to the art of thinking? The simple act of just sitting down and pondering the great thoughts of the universe?

Once upon a time great inventions and ideas were realized and created just by taking the time to think. It seems as though in today’s society we are living in the world of our phones. No moment ever seems intimate anymore as the blaring light of our screens and cameras steals what once composed the simple elements of life. But if we just stop for one moment, our minds begin to work again.

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Our brains are built to think and they are crying out for those special moments where we consider not only ourselves or simple problems but about what other people are feeling. In taking those small snippets of time throughout our day, we realize that other people need our love and compassion, but also what really matters to us. Life is short and precious, but how often do we stop and sincerely thank the people who fill our lives with meaning?

Take a minute and think what matters to you, think about how the universe works and let your imagination run wild.

Alicia Kuhlmann

South Jordan