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I was a little bit taken aback to hear on two weather news reports that the precipitation received in Salt Lake for the month of February was only 98 percent of normal. The inference being that this was for the entire valley as no other clarification was given.

I live in South Jordan. I remember one storm that dropped around 18 inches of snow with several others of 3 or 4 inches and some of only rain. Since even a normal storm gives about one inch of snow for each .1 inch of precipitation, I suspect that at our place we received over two inches of precipitation for the month of February.

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These weathermen give deceptive reports when they do not clarify what is happening throughout the valley. The state hydrologist was ecstatic when he reported that the mountains had received 200 to 300 percent of normal at the higher and lower levels.

I realize that the weather report is taken from the weather station and the airport and understand the importance of it being there. However, it seems to be the driest and often hottest spot in the entire Salt Lake Valley and does not accurately reflect the weather for most of the valley.

Lloyd Bybee

South Jordan