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“Fortnite” launched its eighth season on Feb. 28. This illustration shows the new volcano location in the game. It looks like “Fortnite” may be adding this technology, according to Kotaku, a video game news website.

SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite" may soon add a respawn feature to its gameplay.

“Fortnite” is a battle royale game where competitors battle with only one life to live. Even when you’re teaming up with others, once you die, you’re done.

But “Apex Legends” — a “Fortnite” competitor with its own battle royale game — has changed the game when it comes to death in a video game. Gamers can travel to specific areas across the map where they can respawn their teammates.

It looks like “Fortnite” may be adding this technology, according to Kotaku, a video game news website.

  • Some players have reviewed game files of “Fortnite” and found photos of mysterious vans that have a hologram of a player standing on top of them. The files identify the photos as Second Chance Vans.
  • Twitter user FortTory, who has a history of revealing leaks and news about the popular game, found these vans (though they’re currently accessible in “Fortnite”) and shared them on social media.

Another user reportedly found a “card” that might be used for the same purpose.

“Players who die will drop a card which can then be taken to one of these Second Chance Vans, allowing players to bring that teammate back,” according to Kotaku.

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Flashback: Epic Games said before season 8 began that the company was looking into respawning and pinging features, according to Digital Trends. The game did add a World Marker tool, which allows gamers to point out specific weapons, places and items in the game, which is similar to “Apex Legends.”

Bigger picture: If this is all true, Epic Games is drifting more into the “Apex Legends” territory as “Legends” continues to set new records. The game had 25 million people sign up for the game in one week, with 10 million joining in the first three days, according to my report for the Deseret News.