New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis (23) practices before an NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers in New Orleans, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019. The Pelicans announced that Davis will be rested for the game and not play. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)

SALT LAKE CITY — Even after the NBA trade deadline, the Anthony Davis situation continues to loom over the New Orleans Pelicans franchise in the final stretch of the season.

Ever since Davis requested a trade, and a deal couldn’t be reached, the franchise has imposed a minutes restriction on the All-Star.

Entering Monday’s game against the Jazz, Davis was listed as questionable with an “illness” and was also rested during New Orleans’ 120-112 victory at Denver on Saturday.

“We know they’re going through some stuff over there, but we can’t pay attention to it,” said Jazz big man Derrick Favors. “We can only worry about ourselves and we’re fighting for a playoff spot. So, we can’t really worry about what they got going on, we’ve just got to concentrate on what we got going on.”

However, Jazz forward Jae Crowder can certainly relate to Davis as he was in a similar situation earlier in his career. After being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft, he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks the very next day.

Then the Mavericks traded him to Boston in 2014. Crowder was again moved from Boston to Cleveland in 2017 before ultimately being included in a three-team deal to land in Utah from Cleveland in 2018, so he understands the other side of the NBA.

“This is a business. Obviously, we’re a part of a business and you’ve got to look at Anthony Davis’ situation,” Crowder explained during Jazz shootaround on Monday. “He’s still being accountable each and every day for his teammates. You’ve got to respect that as a player and someone who’s playing alongside that who’s still trying to give maximum effort in the situation that has occurred. It’s a respect factor. I’m sure his teammates respect his decision and whatever it is. It’s no hard feelings in it, but he is giving it when he’s on the court, he’s giving maximum effort and you’ve got to respect that as a player, so they’re doing a good job.

“I think they’re handling everything the right way. Obviously the group is playing at a high level, so that shows in itself how effective they are about it,” Crowder continued. “They just leveled up their play and picked it up, each and everybody over there and they’ve been winning games as of lately so that situation occurs in this league, obviously, and you’ve just got to respect his decision and move forward.”

Initially, when Crowder learned about his name being connected to trade rumors as a member of the Mavericks in 2014, he grew flustered. However, veteran Vince Carter was one of his former teammates to take him to the side and teach him how to remain professional until a deal is reached.

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Crowder also wanted to be traded after receiving less playing time than he envisioned, but continued to do his job at a high level, like Davis in his situation, until a move has happened. So with that being said, he doesn’t see any problem with how Davis and the Pelicans are currently going about things in the tumultuous situation.

“It ain’t weird. At this day and age, a lot of stuff like that has occurred and it’s going to happen with guys requesting trades and stuff like that, but I think they’re handling the situation as best as possible with what’s given,” Crowder said. “I feel like they’re in a good space and they’re playing like they’re in a good space and they’re OK with whatever decision he’s made and they’re ready to move forward.”