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Adding hate crime legislation just seems to me to be contrary to the American way. How could our Founding Fathers have foreseen the need to add more to their list of rights? The right to think. The right to feel. The right to be angry. Too bad they didn't do this, since our present leaders seem to think that they need to control our thoughts.

They seem to think that a hate crime is worse than a crime. If a man kills someone intentionally, it's called murder, and the man should be punished. If a man kills someone intentionally because he hates the person for any reason, it's still called murder.

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And for other less serious actions such as beating or harming someone, why is the beating or harming somehow worse if it is because of hate? The victim hurts just as much in either case. And how does one decide whether or not it's a hate crime? Do we presuppose that we can make that decision based on race, color, sexual orientation or religion?

I firmly believe that we should live in harmony regardless of differences. Otherwise, our way of life is at risk. The American way is muddied. Please, let's not get so carried away and place unnecessary and damaging laws to our society. Let the punishment fit the crime. Murder is murder. Beating someone is beating someone. Period.

Dwight Clark