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The victory of Ben McAdams over Mia Love in the 2018 election can teach us a lot about Utahns' feelings for Donald Trump. McAdams often campaigned on the point that Mia Love voted with Donald Trump 97 percent of the time. McAdams was a strong Democratic candidate. His experience as Salt Lake County mayor and his background at Columbia Law School place him on a high level, but the political climate of Trump was another big factor in the election. Many moderate individuals in Utah strongly dislike Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants and are concerned about the Russian probe. Even some lifelong Republicans have distanced themselves from the party because of the president.

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McAdams linking Love with Trump was a winning strategy. The 4th congressional district is the most moderate of any district in Utah. The seat has been held by both Republicans and Democrats. McAdams winning in this election indicates that moderate voters in the state are opposed to Donald Trump. Other supporting figures are the fact that Cruz and Kasich both beat Trump in this state in the 2016 primaries.

So far McAdams is showing voters that he is doing what he promised to. He was the only Utah representative who voted to overturn Trump’s national emergency. Some other representatives clung to party loyalty over principle. McAdams held to his promise and did not vote for Pelosi to be Speaker of the House even though it would have been politically expedient. McAdams is one of the most principled leaders in Utah today.

Kason Kendall

Woods Cross