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Every year, an average of more than 600 Utahns commit suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death for our children ages 10 to 24. Nearly 55 percent involved a gun. Astoundingly, every day, 13 Utahns are treated for self-inflicted injuries — broken bones, brain damage and organ failure. Every suicide creates a ripple effect across families, friends, classmates, educators, Sunday school teachers, nurses, doctors and morticians. How many have happened on your street in the past few years? I know of three. Among friends, another three. One involved a gun and a 13-year-old boy.

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Red flag orders are evidence-based, supported by 68 percent of Utahns. Red flag orders, or extreme risk protective orders, empower families and law enforcement, reduce access to firearms and connect people to care.

Red flag orders are proven to save lives, prevent gun violence against others and enable families to act before crisis turns to tragedy. Rep. Handy’s HB209, Extreme Risk Protective Order, could help do that if it were allowed to be debated. Red flag orders deserve discussion and deliberation to help stop two people from dying and 13 from being injured every day.

The Utah House Legislative leadership needs to allow HB209 to receive a fair hearing.

Teresa Garrett

Salt Lake City