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Letter to the editor

The spring time change affects our physical health each year. The regular person loses at least 40 minutes of sleep.

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It also affects our mental health and may lead to suicidal ideation. People struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder experience this additional sleep disturbance when the end of winter comes. I know how the time change affects me with bipolar II. The spring equinox starting in February disturbs a bipolar person’s circadian rhythm. As the light continues to equal out, the spring time change deprives a bipolar person of an added hour of sleep. This sleep disturbance can lead to suicidal thoughts. At least two years, within days after the time change, I have attempted suicide.

So, I ask myself why I should deal with the time change every year if it exacerbates suicidal ideation in myself and other bipolar individuals. I have sent a letter to my state representative to eliminate the time change by voting on amending HB66 Year-Round Daylight Saving Time. I prefer natural time, but I will accept daylight time, if there is no time change.

If you find the time change harmful to you or your loved ones, consider contacting your representative too.

Eileen Davis