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“Fortnite” just launched its eighth season on Thursday morning. This photo shows the new Lazy Lagoon location.

SALT LAKE CITY — “Fortnite” just launched its eighth season on Thursday morning, and gamers are already hunting for the first week’s battle star.

In “Fortnite,” gamers are given seven weekly challenges to complete. Finishing those challenges earns gamers battle stars, which helps players upgrade their Battle Pass tiers and earn new rewards from the game.

  • The challenges also give you a loading screen for the week, which will help you find an in-game battle star. Those stars can help you upgrade a tier automatically and unlock a new, exclusive character skin.
  • Last season, these battle stars helped gamers unlock the Prisoner, a character who factored into the game’s storyline and the season 8 cinematic trailer.

For week one, you’ll need to complete all seven challenges to receive the loading screen.

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Loading screen: Once you have the loading screen, you’ll see a picture of Blackheart sailing into town with a treasure map in his hand. If you look behind him, you’ll see a battle star on top of a small tower, according to Fortnite Intel.

Where to find it: You’ll find the battle star in Lucky Lagoon, a new location that is in the northern part of the map, according to Forbes. There’s a ship in the middle of the water there. You’ll want to travel to the small town next to the boat and you’ll find the star on top of a tower in the middle of the location.

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