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Host Nick Cannon, center, stands with all of the contestants in the special two-hour β€œRoad to the Finals / Season Finale: The Final Mask is Lifted” season finale episode of "The Masked Singer" that aired Wednesday, Feb. 27.

SALT LAKE CITY β€” Well, it's official. The Monster won "The Masked Singer."

On Wednesday night's season finale, The Monster was the final participant to raise a mask, revealing himself to be T-Pain.

Several questions were raised throughout the season about the participants' identities. Twitter thought for a long time that Donny Osmond was the Peacock, while others considered Gladys Knight to be the Bee and CeeLo Green to be the Monster.

In the end, the Bee was Gladys Knight, the Peacock was Donny Osmond, and the Monster was T-Pain.

Season two: "The Masked Singer" was renewed for a second season back at the end of January, as I reported for the Deseret News. "The Masked Singer" was reportedly Fox's highest-rated new series and hung around the top broadcasts across all networks.

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  • Executive producer Craig Plestis told The Hollywood Reporter that there are a number of celebrities in mind for next season's edition of the show.
  • "Hopefully the individuals will watch it and be inspired to be on the show and, just like in Korea and in Thailand, it really sparks a lot of other people to want to be on the show and surprise their kids when they're watching the show," he said. "It's such a family show over there and a lot of moms and dads go on the show and they don't tell their family, so they watch it together and then, when the mask comes off, the kids go crazy."