Steve Griffin, Deseret News
FILE - Traffic on Legacy Parkway in Davis County on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — A second attempt at the Utah Legislature to extend the truck ban for Legacy Parkway narrowly failed in the House Transportation committee meeting Monday with a 5-6 vote.

HB339 asked for the ban to be extended for five years, with a study on the effects to be completed a year before it ended.

The first attempt at extending the truck ban failed in a Senate committee early in this year's session.

Many from the community came to the hearing wearing yellow flowers in support of the bill, which they say would protect the scenic nature of the parkway and the wetlands.

Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard, R-North Salt Lake, is the sponsor of the House bill, which many legislators living near the area co-sponsored. There were also many mayors and city council members from the area at the meeting in support of the extension.

“This is not of my doing, this is grassroots from the mayors," Ballard said.

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Rep. Merrill Nelson, R-Grantsville, said he would be voting against the bill stating his hands are tied because the state entered into the agreement giving the truck ban an ending date.

“It’s an emotional issue, my heart is persuaded by all of these people who want to preserve the beauty and the serenity of the highway; my mind, however, is caught up on the law,” Nelson said.

Jason Davis, deputy director of Utah Department of Transportation, said allowing trucks on Legacy wouldn't have a large impact on I-15 but it would benefit the overall system.