From left: Mario, Goomba, Princess Peach and Bowser compete in a tricycle race during a "Super Mario Party" minigame.

SALT LAKE CITY — Nintendo of America has appointed a new president… Bowser.

Seriously. The company announced that Doug Bowser will be the next head of the America operations, according to CNN.

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And, as Nintendo fans will recognize, Bowser is a huge turtle-like creature who often plays the villain in the Super Mario Bros. game.

Social media went off on the hire, making the same joke.

Doug Bowser made a note of his last name in the past, too.

Not alone: Bowser isn’t the only president who has a name that fits the bill. For example, Zoe Hamburger became a field marketing officer for McDonald’s, MarketWatch reported.

Similarly, Dr. Ronny Hertz was once the pain medicine physician at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City.