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Letter to the editor

After reading the Feb. 21 guest opinion by Molly Davis, "Utah should respect property rights," I had to really question whether Molly Davis or state Sen. Lincoln Fillmore have ever had the pleasure of living adjacent to a property of homeowners or renters who are hoarders, uncontrolled and unlicensed pet owners or junk-car scrappers.

I have. There are reasons that residential and commercial developments are regulated with codes, covenants and restrictions that are part of the permitting process all across the state.

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Enforcement officers are basically overworked and understaffed and usually require the complainant to jump through hoops with logs and video evidence, pictures and whatever else and then everything drags on, resulting in more calls and aggravation. Sooner or later the person who calls feels like the bad guy and the offender becomes the poor "victim" and the process just continues with no resolution.

In my view, I feel like there should be more enforcement of existing residential codes.

Colin Buck