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Utah’s public officials must crack down on drug makers overcharging for medicine.

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My teenage son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago. On top of the shock of him being diagnosed with a chronic, life-threatening disease, there was also the shock of paying for the insulin that he needs every day to stay alive. Over the past 20 years, prices for the most commonly prescribed analog insulins have risen from about $20 per vial to well over $250 per 10 milliliter vial, an over 700 percent increase after accounting for inflation. The price of insulin has become unaffordable, and many people are putting themselves in danger by cutting back on insulin.

Insulin was not created so companies selling it could become wealthy. It was created so that the people around the world diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes could have a chance at life. Drug companies should have to explain to the public why they keep raising prices and how they will advance public good, not just their own greed. Our legislators need to take action on this issue.

Marci Nelson