“Fortnite” released its latest update on Thursday after something of a delay.

SALT LAKE CITY — "Fortnite" released its final batch of Overtime challenges on Friday.

Gamers who complete 13 of these "Fortnite" challenges can earn the season 8 battle pass — a subscription that gives players access to more rewards — for free.

The latest batch includes the challenge of opening seven chest or ammo boxes at racetracks or dance clubs inside the game, according to Polygon. You'll need to travel to both sides of the map — east and west sides — to complete the challenge.

Dance club: You'll find the dance club just northeast of Happy Hamlet and south of the river flowing through the snow-covered area of the map.

Race track: You'll find the race track on the eastern side of the map just north of Paradise Palms. It's an obvious location on the map.

Tips: Be careful about trying to complete this challenge too early. People will be itching to finish the task, so you'll meet up with a lot of players. You'll want to play Team Rumble mode for easy access to these boxes and chests.

  • The dance club section is a small location that will include a lot of gamers trying to battle.
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  • The race track is a little easier since all of the houses nearby count toward the challenge.

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