Salt Lake County Jail
Kevin Scott Peterson

SALT LAKE CITY — Police say a Wyoming convict who went to Adult Probation and Parole to see if he could be supervised in Utah, only to learn he had outstanding warrants in Utah, became extremely combative while being arrested.

Kevin Scott Peterson, 47, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of 10 counts of assault on a police officer and escape from custody.

On Tuesday, Peterson, who had been convicted in Wyoming for an undisclosed violent crime, went to the Adult Probation and Parole office to inquire about transferring his probation supervision, according to a jail report. While talking to Peterson, officers discovered he had two outstanding warrants in Utah, the report states, for assault and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Over the next several minutes, Peterson then went from becoming "upset and yelling" to being "enraged" when informed he was being arrested and was placed in handcuffs, the report states.

"He stood up and attempted to leave multiple times. I loudly told him to stop doing this. He claimed he was overheating. I removed his coat and placed a large box fan facing him. He then shook his head and made the glasses on his head fall to the ground. He began yelling and repeatedly stomped on his glasses," the officer wrote.

Peterson then "intentionally slammed his forehead" onto a desk and yelled, "I am going to shoot all you pigs," according to the report.

Peterson "charged" at agents standing in the doorway, causing a struggle and forcing one officer to deploy his Taser on Peterson, the report states.

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"As soon as the Taser stopped, Peterson repeatedly kicked at my face but came short of striking me. Agents had to hold him on the ground for over 16 minutes while waiting for medical to arrive and clear him. He continued to fight with us and refused to be compliant." Peterson allegedly told one agent, ‘I will choke the red off your beard.’ Peterson later told another agent that he would kick her in the face," according to the report.

Peterson also said he was "under the influence of meth and reefer," the report states.