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I was deeply saddened to read the article about the hydrofluosilicic acid or silicofluorides "fluoride" spill into the Sandy water system that made so many children, babies, people and animals sick.

It brought back the huge fight we in the Holladay Water Company had with the Salt Lake County Health Department over trying to keep these toxic chemicals out of our pure mountain water and aquifers. It took us four years to go through the Legislature and all the way to the state Supreme Court to keep it out of our beautiful water, but it was worth it to be free of this kind of scare and harm to our people.

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There have been several spills in Salt Lake County since. I keep wondering how long it will take to help people say enough is enough. We do not need to contaminate our beautiful water under the guise of saving children's teeth when the real pharmaceutical fluoride tablets or rinse costs so few pennies on the dollar compared to the thousands of dollars it costs to put this poison in our water supply.

Babies and adults do not need fluoride. There are all kinds of problems caused by putting this poison in to our water supply. Maybe because we were able to do it in Holladay, it won't take others so much work or so long to clean up their water. We in Utah have some of the purest, most beautiful water on this earth. Let's work together to keep it that way.

Delpha Baird