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The true cost of the Green New Deal” (Deseret News, Wednesday Feb. 20) completely misunderstands how the Green New Deal works.

Transitioning to clean energy doesn’t have to cost consumers anything. I’ve already done it. I have 100 percent solar energy and an electric car that it powers. I didn’t have to put solar panels on my house; I just made a phone call and switched my electric power supplier. The Green New Deal will make sure there are plenty of those clean energy providers around, and as solar and wind scales up, it will become nearly free.

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The Green New Deal will get us to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the deadline to prevent “catastrophic” global warming which will cost us hundreds of trillions and cause “global economic collapse” followed by “societal collapse."

But we have a way to pay for the Green New Deal. It’s a bill already in Congress called “Carbon Dividends,” which will take fossil fuel corporations out of existence and give all the money to the taxpayers. It’s projected to increase our GDP $75-80 billion annually.

Pete Kuntz

Northglenn, Colorado