A new board game centered around “Captain Marvel” offers a glimpse at the upcoming film’s plot.

SALT LAKE CITY — A new board game centered around “Captain Marvel” offers a glimpse at the upcoming film’s plot.

USAopoly has released a new card game called “Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls,” which will let players take on identities of characters from the film as they attempt battle in the ongoing intergalactic war between Kree and the Skrulls.

  • “From our decades of experience with the Marvel license, we know how to adapt the iconic moments from the big screen to compelling tabletop game experiences for fans of all ages. With its gorgeous illustrations and engaging gameplay, ‘Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls’ is bound to become a new favorite among the MCU fandom and beyond,” said Candace Brenner, USAopoly's vice president of marketing, in a statement emailed to the Deseret News.

The card game calls on players to decide who they trust most as they face the Skrulls. It seems the game is built around deceiving your opponents. There aren't many other details than that.

The game is designed for four to seven people.

You can assume the roles of Captain Marvel, her allies, Skrulls or a Skrull Defector.

Here’s a little bit more about those characters.

  • Captain Marvel is the known protector in the game.
  • Allies: These characters aim to help Captain Marvel.
  • Skrulls: These characters have hidden identities and are working against Captain Marvel.
  • Skrull Defector: “Having left the Skrulls, this person is neither an ally to the Skrulls nor Captain Marvel and must work independently to accomplish their own objective,” according to a press release on the game.

The game will cost $24.95. It can be bought at Target, and other spots.

Why it matters: “Captain Marvel” will center around the superheroine trying to battle the Skrulls, who have been known to have secret identities.

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  • This can be seen in one “Captain Marvel” trailer in which Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) punches an old woman, who is believed to be a Skrull.
  • “And if this old lady is a skrull in disguise, well, the punch would make sense. Given her superhuman strength, she'd better be right or you just watched Captain Marvel kill an innocent elderly lady. That's dark for the MCU,” according to Forbes.

Who is Jude Law?: The game's cover appears to include a shot of what appears to be Jude Law's secret character in the upper right side of the image. Though it doesn't offer any details about the character, it hints that he may or may not wear a full StarForce uniform. There are some ongoing rumors about how the StarForce uniform might be a hint as to his identity.