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I printed out and read the 11 pages of this Green New Deal idea. I don't disagree with the need to do something to clean up the air and more use of electricity could help, but this document left out one important issue: the cost to each homeowner to implement this idea.

Each home would need to replace the gas fired furnace and the gas fired water heater with an electric furnace and electric water heater. The home would need an electrical service upgrade to handle the additional load. That could cost about $20,000. An additional circuit would be needed to charge the electric car. The operating cost would also increase. The gas bill would no longer be there but if one takes the current gas bill during the summer and multiplies it by two, maybe three, and adds it to the current power bill, that would be the power bill for summer use.

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In the winter take the current gas bill, multiply it by three, maybe four, and add it to the power bill — that is what the power bill will be. If there are already solar panels, these panels could help reduce this cost.

To add solar panels, which is what these people want, the cost of putting solar panels on each home would be $20,000-plus for the installation. How many homes are there along the Wasatch Front? Each one would need this.

Then, where does the power come from since they want to get rid of all gas fired power plants by 2030? They are claiming world disasters if this is not done.

Bryant Larsen

West Jordan