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It doesn't reveal much, but in December 2018, the world got a taste of what the new "Downton Abbey" film will look like thanks to the release of a new teaser.

SALT LAKE CITY — Nearly four years after the final episode of "Downton Abbey" aired, the Downton favorites will return on the big screen with the new "Downton Abbey" movie.

Entertainment Weekly has published photos giving Downton lovers a sneak peek into the film. According to Entertainment Weekly, the movie will pick up the Downton storyline 18 months after the end of the series.

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The six photos give fans a look into where the Downton story is and what to look forward to with the movie release.

Photos include ones of Lady Mary and Henry Talbot, Anna and Bates, and Edith and Bertie returning to Downton Abbey.

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans worried they wouldn't see Maggie Smith returning as Lady Violet Crawley.

However, one photo shows Lady Crawley's presence won't be missed in the film. A photo of Carson also shows his return to his position at Downton Abbey.

Check out the six photos here.

The movie is scheduled to release on Sept. 20.