“Fortnite” released its latest update on Thursday after a delay.

SALT LAKE CITY — Epic Games announced a new slew of challenges for “Fortnite” with its latest update.

The new challenges, called Overtime Challenges, give gamers an extra set of tasks to complete if they want to earn some new rewards and items, which I wrote about for the Deseret News.

Gamers can also unlock the season eight battle pass — which gives gamers a chance to earn more rewards and items throughout the season — for free if they complete 13 of the new challenges.

The game dropped seven challenges on Thursday when the update first arrived. Those challenges included collecting coins in creative mode. A separate challenge asked you to open chests in a motel and RV park.

On Saturday, the game released three new challenges.

One of those includes searching for a supply drop in different matches.

This one isn’t too hard to manage, either. Supply drops are blue boxes that fall from the sky. When opened, they come with a slew of weapons and loot.

The easiest way to manage this reward is play a round or two of the “Team Rumble” mode, according to Forbes.

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  • “Team Rumble rains down supply drops, and they're not always quite as contested as they are in normal modes,” according to Forbes. “Just note that you have to go to the circle to get them, even right from the beginning of the match. And this is probably the best time to get them, anyway: the circle is usually relatively depopulated in the first few minutes of the match, and you should be able to grab the drop you need."

Note: The third challenge includes reviving a friend three different times. That’s easy to do if you’re playing with your squad.