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I’m an ad guy, with a specialty in PR, propaganda and spin. I even helped Utah’s ProBar become a multimillion-dollar success story. I’ve worked in the industry for 25 years and I know what effective messaging looks like.

Last Friday, I saw a great slogan — a slogan somebody probably paid a lot of money for. Special interest groups who wanted Proposition 3’s full Medicaid expansion held up signs at the Capitol saying, “Listen to Our Voice.”

I was surprised by what I saw. A man shouted, “Listen to my voice!” from a gallery above where citizens can watch the process. While this disrupter was arrested, others sat on the ground blocking the chamber doors, singing and chanting loudly to disrupt the process inside and intimidate those who disagree with them.

Yes, 53 percent voted for expanding Medicaid — because of the great messaging and big money spent by special interest groups — and the majority does matter.

Yet, America has many examples where majorities took away rights from minorities, like slavery, so we do need limits to protect minorities from majorities.

Those who voted for Proposition 3 may still be unaware of what’s coming. We are going to have a financial crisis unless safeguards are added. Because the slight sales tax increase will not be enough by 2021.

Proposition 3 was a vote to help the poor and needy among us, yet no one voted for the additional tax increases that are going to come along with this.

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I went up to the Capitol to ask my representative to protect Utah’s financial future by placing safeguards for our budget while we expand Medicaid coverage. Because I believe in being financially responsible, I was yelled at, name-called and bullied. My legislator was also yelled at on the phone for 35 minutes.

Should we even listen to these people who think only their voice matters?

I personally don’t want to hear from people who yell and bully.

I think they should be escorted out every time.

The organizations who are supporting this kind of behavior should not be allowed to participate in American politics, because American government isn’t about those who yell the loudest or bully others.

Cory Molloy