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As I attempted to cross Little Cottonwood Road on 3100 East recently, I encountered a sight that is all too common during ski season — a miles-long line of cars stopped or barely crawling up our fragile canyon, tailpipes streaming emissions.

Talk about loving our canyons to death.

Think of the irony. Snow enthusiasts, eager to enjoy Utah’s famous (but diminishing) powder, doing exactly what the best minds in the land have warned will lead to the loss of our snowpack within decades.

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May I suggest three ways to attack this problem: 1) Find alternatives to the private car commute. Take the bus, carpool and don’t idle. 2) Urge local officials to enlarge bus parking lots, improve schedules and incentivize their use. 3) Most importantly, and to enable your grandchildren to enjoy recreating in these canyons in future decades, urge your congress person or senator to follow the recommendations of our country’s top scientists and economists: Pass the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that is currently before Congress.

Together we can clean our air, save our snow and sustain this critical part of Utah’s economy.

David Ryser