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Walt Handelsman

Valentine's Day was this week, but the news was full of stories about more than love. Mars, the Green New Deal and the border wall were all involved in the week's top headlines.

Thursday, Feb. 14, was Valentine's Day. People around the country made gestures of love to their significant others and singles were reminded of their relationship status.

Walt Handelsman
Lisa Benson

Nearly 16 years after its initial launch, NASA's pulled the plug on the Mars rover, Opportunity.

NASA lost communication with Opportunity in June 2018 and after failing to reconnect and revive the rover, decided to pull the plug.

Opportunity's last communication with Earth was "My battery is low and it's getting dark."

Phil Hands

The Green New Deal is making headlines and facing criticism from both sides. The largest criticism saying that it is a "unicorn" idea that has nice principles but is impractical and impossible to make happen.

Scott Stantis

The fight over the U.S. Southern border continues. Congress has gone back and forth with President Donald Trump about the border wall funding and trying to avoid another government shutdown over the issue.

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On Friday, Trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall.

Walt Handelsman
Chan Lowe
Nick Anderson

It appears the Mueller investigation is coming to an end. Nobody is quite sure what the final report will conclude.

Lisa Benson

Many Americans were upset this week after discovering their tax returns were smaller than last year. Experts say this is because, due to tax changes, take home pay is up, which makes the annual return smaller.

Chan Lowe

The list of Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election is growing longer, causing tension and confusion within the party.

Dana Summers